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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Apr 14, 2009)
^^ Char's online, I can see you ;)
(Apr 12, 2009)
Take Care char, get better soon :)
(Apr 10, 2009)
Just like to point out... Above it says Hades server is up <_< but theres a main now ?!?! or maybe the main is starting late? =/
(Apr 06, 2009)
Main?! noooo /cry ;;
(Apr 06, 2009)
Back from my holiday in Marseille, how on earth am I going to be ready for Thursday... remember everyone, Weds is maintenance day ^^.
(Apr 05, 2009)
:O nice, sandtiger is online :o, i'll almost have a full set XD
(Apr 03, 2009)
omg morgem is online :O
(Apr 03, 2009)
Can't believe I spelt hear as here...
(Apr 03, 2009)
New long term schedule up, plans for Thursday 9th, AND read Murtags Assault post. Here my voice and obey!!! (Thought i'd try that once, you never know, it could work...)
(Apr 01, 2009)
Check the schedule chaps - we're moving again! Woo hoo!
(Mar 30, 2009)
whoa, me and char are online at this same time on the forum :O
(Mar 25, 2009)
Rawr Nyzul Isle!
(Mar 19, 2009)
ay level 50!
(Mar 19, 2009)
Good exp today, y
(Mar 14, 2009)
btw: my Einherjar LS is still looking for members, runs at 6:30GMT monday and friday.
(Mar 13, 2009)
Don't forget we also killed the lich and got a bunch of subligars as well ^^.
(Mar 13, 2009)
when i was there, we only fought 1 NM, and no drop :(
(Mar 13, 2009)
Any drop? >.>
(Mar 11, 2009)
Yep, now we have the bodies to win it, we're finally doing the run ^^
(Mar 11, 2009)
Swift Belt!