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Swift Belt

by Sandtiger on Mar 13, 2009 at 10:58 AM}
Lets see... I (well Proplus really) used my Fomor Codex and not surprisingly no drop!
My TH really dont work :*(
I even got help after the Swift Belt run to get a drop for a new Codex and even that didnt drop! <:(


I hate Swift Belt runs ^^

Still, once I've got over my rage, we'll schedule another one... Maybe once I have BST 50 so that we can have a small group dealing with the NM while another group farms fomor.
I might have COR / THF / WHM level 50 by then, depending on when you schedule the run. God I am really not used to not being level 75 SMN, and it just doesn't work ><.

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