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Goobie bags...

by Scruffygora on Mar 02, 2009 at 06:22 AM}
Phew finished a round with 50millioncorn today (yay half way there)
So got finished with gobbie bag I, II, III, IV.
How many are there again? VII?

Oh and got Drg to 25 yesterday, sis got Smn60 and a merit on her Thf ^^ Congrats!


OK... you said Goodnight around 21.00...When did you get up again and get all this stuff done... :O

And YAY!! for us! We rock!! :D

Nice guys, you can get up to 70 inventory slots now (i think) i currently only have 60 D:
There's eight in total - I did the last one recently, the materials you need will get really expensive.
I have got 35 slots ; ; can any1 help me and tell me where i can farm to elp me gte money for gobbie bags?
And they're going to add another Gobbie-bag quest in the next update. Fun and excitement!

For the last couple you can quest and farm at least some of the ingredients in the past.

Morgem, some decent places to farm when you're starting out are near the starting areas - like farming beehive chips and the occasional Stinging Sophie (I suspect that isn't her real name - at Vomp hill outside of Bastok. But the real secret to making gil is to spread your sources of income; farm, fish, craft, garden, then discover you don't have any time to do anything else ^^.

There we go, I commited a cardinal sin and gave away a farming location I use. Oh Noes!!!
Another one :O hmmmz

Ty ^^
and thanks

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